cropped-img_07731.jpgIf there is one thing that I have learned in my short 20 years of life, it is that you must love yourself. No one is going to do it for you.
If you are constantly relying on someone else to love you, then you will never truly be happy.
You must be strong enough to walk this road alone.

I have found it truly amazing that some people are afraid of being alone. No one can be seen eating alone. No one can go to a party alone. People retreat to their phones to escape glances of pity. Even I am guilty of this. When did society allow this to be acceptable?

Our alone time is one of the most important times. We are free to relax and take off the masks we hide behind. We can be ourselves. Our true selves. But if we are never alone, it may be hard to tell the difference between the mask and what’s real. If we cannot be happy when we are alone, then can we ever truly be happy? Society has brainwashed us into relying on our material possessions to make us happy. But that is a dark and slippery slope downwards, if you ask me.

It is okay to be alone. It is okay to not have your phone with you 24/7. It is okay to be yourself. It is okay once and a while to sit outside and catch your breath.
It is okay.
Happiness is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s about creating yourself and creating a life that you love. You must accept yourself and all that you are, knowing that each quality is a gift. And you must love yourself.

There is nothing more important than that.

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