The Advice My Father Gave Me

20140706-234058-85258877.jpgTrying to explain my father is a lot like trying to capture a sunset into words.
You can say it’s beautiful or it’s breathtaking, but a sunset is so much more than that. My father is one of the most amazing people I know. His compassion towards others never runs dry. He is encouraging, wise, and strong. He has always been my shoulder to cry on and he knows exactly what to say. He is my best friend.
It was always in my darkest times that he was able to show me the light.
His words of wisdom have gotten me through every heartache and trouble I have ever faced. And for that I am forever grateful.His most important lesson to me was to “realize that there is no perfect person. There will be bad, but there will also be good. And the good is what is worth seeing”. Little did I know that this would apply to my life lessons in forgiveness, self-acceptance, and to looking beyond everyone’s reputation. However, as any normal teenager would, I brushed his advice off the first time I heard it. But it wasn’t until I had been stabbed in the back, done things I thought I would never do, and met people whom everyone hated did I realize that I should have paid attention. Especially my second year in college when I would be awake at night, wrestling my thoughts and feelings, I would find myself calling my father. He would talk to me for hours listening to my vague sentences about what was bothering me.

“We are more alike than you know, Sam.” He would say.
Then he would proceed to give me what I needed to hear, even if it wasn’t what I wanted.
His advice has given me the foundation to pursue a life full of happiness and adventure.

So for my first post in a long time, this is for my father. Who has believed in me when no one else has and who has encouraged me to write. Thank you will never be enough.

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