10 Things I Miss About Texas


Since the end of last August, I have been living in Cleveland and it has been great. Really, it has. I am so blessed to have been living with my amazing godparents and have had amazing work opportunities. It has been a blast.

However…there are a few things that are just unique to the Lone Star State that I miss.

  1. Tacos. In particular breakfast tacos (shout out to El Pato and Taco P one time). I also miss the availability of breakfast tacos 24/7. I haven’t found a place yet that has breakfast tacos. Let alone decent tacos. Send help. (Although my godmother makes THE BEST Mexican food including tacos but I can’t ask her to make it every day. She’s an actual angel.)
  2. The Sun. Yes, the sun. Cleveland is sooooo cold and it snows so much. And it’s always cloudy. Occasionally, the sun will come out and I’ll go running outside and then I realize that it’s still 30 degrees. In March. (People in Texas reading this are like hmm… what is winter? Don’t know her…)
  3. My Parents. When I was 18 and ready to leave for college I never thought I would look back and miss my parents. BUT I WAS SO WRONG. My parents are my best friends. I soak up all of their advice. I miss having deep talks with them. I miss hanging out with them and binge watching Dexter and me annoying them by trying to convince them to start Game of Thrones. Or me just annoying them in general. I’m just kidding, I’m the favorite child.
  4. My Dogs. I really am curious if my dogs will remember me. Time to go cry at the thought of them forgetting me.
  5. Blue Bell Ice Cream. Yeah, yeah, so they’ve had problems with listeria but I like to live dangerously. And their ice cream is WORTH IT. It’s a Texas thing.
  6. My Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have met amazing people here and will definitely keep in touch with them even after I leave. But nothing beats your best friends that have known you and experienced life with you.
  7. Margs. Coming from someone who drinks every once in a blue moon, this is saying a lot. I’m specifically talking about the San Antonio margaritas. Like from La Fonda or La Gloria. Just half of a marg from there and I would be like WOO I LOVE EVERYTHING!! If you haven’t had one you should definitely try a mango margarita. You won’t regret it. (Again, I have to shout out my godmother because she also makes amazing margs. Seriously y’all, an actual angel that walks among us.)
  8. WHATABURGER. Sometimes I dream about their honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich with a large (don’t judge okay we all have our weaknesses) chocolate shake. Or their breakfast on a bun… Just a fun fact, there are no Whataburgers within 100 miles of me. Don’t know what else to say.
  9. Saying Y’all. I think I might be the only person here who says y’all and it’s made me aware on how much I actually do say it. And when I do people look at me for a few seconds like did she just say what I think she did but I haven’t stopped saying it. Probably won’t ever stop.
  10. Texas Sky. I’m sure Cleveland also has really pretty sunsets, but I just haven’t seen it. Once it stops snowing, I’ll let y’all know.

So how have I been surviving all this time without these necessities? My amazing, self-less god parents. I have never met a more caring or compassionate family, besides my own. They have taken me in as one of their own and, even though I have stayed a lot longer than initially planned, they have continued to welcome me and make me feel at home.

They’ve made Cleveland feel like home.

8 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss About Texas

  1. Ah Sammy you are a sure thing sweetheart. We love you silly since you came into this world. A priceless gift to this world and us Im glad I am a part of this world. Hugs and kisses…always.

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  2. Sam you are so right about the tacos. I don’t think Cleveland even understands the term “breakfast taco”. And yes blue bell ice cream is amazing and should be introduced to Cleveland. And I know for a fact that my parents lOVE having you around!!

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