just a reminder:

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things will get better.

Sometimes it seems like the bad times are never gonna end, but with a little persistence and some faith, you’ll get through.

I thought it would be good to share some things I like to do when I’m feeling down:

read your favorite book

Or magazine, newspaper, or blog. Just make sure it’s positive and makes you feel good. The goal is to help you relax, not stress you out or make you sad.

take a long shower/bath

Then turn down/off the lights, add a bath bomb, maybe light a few candles and BAM!! Relaxation at it’s finest.

listen to your favorite song

I believe that music can be healing. I also believe that music can affect your mood. Listening to sad songs makes you sad and listening to happy songs makes you happy. Sometimes it can be nice to cry it out to your favorite sad song, and sometimes it’s nice to feel peace fromΒ a good song. You know yourself and what you need best.

call an old friend

Sometimes the familiarity of an old friend can bring so much peace and happiness. Maybe this friend is someone that you can vent to and that might be just what you need.

go on a run/walk

Even bike riding. Feel the wind and get your heart racing. Walk barefoot through the grass type of deal. Definitely one of my favorite ways to deal with stress.

or even just sit outside

Sometimes that’s all it takes for me to re-group. Calm down a bit. The sun and the air does wonders for the soul, let me tell you.

pick up the bible

There’s nothing a little Jesus can’t fix.

journal it out

The whole reason I started this blog was to let myself vent and to help others see that it’s okay to feel sad, confused, and lost. Getting the words out there helps them not to stay in. Some people need to process events and journaling is a great tool to do that.

go on a drive around

This is one of my favorite forms of self-care. Driving with the windows down and music blasting is extremely therapeutic. Sunroofs are my best friend and are guaranteed to make my day better.

hang out with a friend, one on one, in person

I know the last thing you wanna do when you’re upset is be around others, but hanging with a good friend can sometimes make those upset feelings better. Sometimes getting out of that comfort zone and letting someone in is the key to healing.

get your hair/nails done

Or both! TREAT. YO. SELF.

netflix and chill

By yourself that is. Slap on a good face mask, light a candle, and curl up in your favorite blanket on the couch and start up your favorite movie/show.

craft it out

Channel your emotions into art can make you feel productive. Painting, drawing, or making something. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just needs to be you.



Whatever it is, do it with love. Be good to others. Be good to the universe. And always be good to yourself.

7 thoughts on “just a reminder:

    1. In this increasing electronic life we live, it is important to understand what really makes you happy. Loving who you are is the foundation of it all….

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