summer resolutions

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Yes, I realize that it isn’t quite New Years, but you can make a change for the better at any time. And I also realize that summer is well…over. But it’s the thought that counts.

I feel a change coming on. I’ve been thinking about myself and who I am lately. There are a few things I want to work on, and a few things I want to keep the same, but I want to put them out there to make me more accountable. So here it goes…

Let myself feel

I have this bad habit where I tell myself I shouldn’t be sad or that I shouldn’t be happy because of a situation. But that isn’t true, if I am feeling an emotion it is because it is supposed to happen. I want to allow myself to feel those emotions and if they are negative, move on.

I don’t have to be okay all the time, but I can’t dwell on sad feelings forever. Finding the balance is key.

Be more positive

I feel that I am pretty positive, but sharing it can go a long way. I want to share love with others and be good to people. I want to help others. This ties in with my first resolution – I don’t want to get wrapped up in things that aren’t important and waste my energy.

Call my parents and those I love more

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I lose sight of what is important. There are no more excuses. Friends/loved ones, be prepared for a million more Facetime/Houseparty calls. Things change in an instant and I don’t want to look back wishing I had done more.

If you’re reading this, call/text/facetime someone you love. Tell them how you feel about them. Life is too short to forget to tell people how we feel about them.


It’s so easy to get angry and stay angry but like my first resolution says, I want to feel what I’m supposed to feel, accept it, and move on. I don’t wanna dwell. I don’t wanna let it fester and ruin my future happiness. I feel there is always room for improvement in this department.

Write more

I’ve realized that I tend to write a blog post every month. That’s not going to work. I have 30 beautiful, important drafts waiting for someone to lay their eyes on them. I will share more. I will write more. So I will do my best to write once a week. I know that is asking a lot from me, but I am up to the challenge.

Eat better

For the most part I eat semi-healthy, but I wanna cut back on the sweets. I have a major sweet tooth and although I love them, I could do without them. I don’t want to do this because it will “make me look a certain way”, I am doing it because of how it makes me feel. Every time I eat sweets, I find myself sugar crashing, lazy, and wanting to eat more sugar. I want to be healthy and take care of my body and cutting back, but not restraining, from the sweets is a good place to start.

Spend more time outside

Sometimes I’m so plugged in to my phone and computer and TV and Insta and Netflix and Twitter and emails and back to Insta…yeah you get the point. I want to unplug more and soak up the sun. It’s so important to just be with yourself, no distractions, no ties to the world, and just take a moment in. When was the last time you just sat outside and were at peace?

Spend my time wisely

This includes the hours I spend after work when I come home and play games on my phone, hang out with negative people, get lost in the abyss that is social media, and just do things I don’t like to do. I want to spend more time with people that make me happy. I want to feel like every minute is used wisely and with a purpose. Even if it is just simply feeling the grass between my toes while I watch the clouds.

Do what I want without worrying what others think

This one is so hard to do, but it’s always a great reminder for me. Those who know me will always know the real me, no matter what people say. Being confident in who I am and doing what I love is extremely important.


At the center of all of this, of everything, is love. Loving others, the earth, and yourself. Self-discovery is the key to happiness. Once you know who you are, no one can ever use it against you. Own it. Love it.

There is only one you and you are free to grow as much as you want.

6 thoughts on “summer resolutions

  1. Thus it is like the Tao:
    Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill
    Keep sharpening your knife and will blunt
    Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench
    Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner
    Do your work, then step back.
    This is the only path to serenity

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