be good, do good

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This world that we live in can be so scary. All over the news there are heartbreaking stories from natural disasters and innocent lives being lost to international affairs and what’s going on locally. It can be a lot to take in. The pain, suffering, and straight up evil that takes place in this world can shake you. And sometimes it’s hard to look for the good within all of the bad.

Life is hard. There is no sugar coating it.

But this world can also be so beautiful. From the big stuff: like standing at the top of a mountain and looking at pure beauty around you. To the small stuff: like listening to the wind in the trees and those seemingly insignificant moments where you sit back and think this. is. happiness. 

There is good in the world, and in people, even in the midst of some of the greatest tragedies. Even if we have to squint to see it sometimes. Even if it’s so small you could hold it in your hand.

That being said, it’s so important to tell the people in your life that you care about them. That you love them. That you wouldn’t be the person you are today without them. Everything can change in an instant.

Unfortunately, there will always be bad. There will always be reasons to stop being good. People will hurt you. The people you love the most will get sick. Sometimes it will feel like the universe is conspiring against you no matter how much good you put out there. But that doesn’t mean we should stop being good. Being good isn’t about what you get in return, it is about helping those around you. It is about sharing light with others because it is the right thing to do.

Twitter was full of pain and anger these last few days, but amongst all of that, I found something that really stuck with me:


Shea Serrano, an awesome writer and one of my favorite twitter accounts to follow, perfectly embodies the attitude we should have going forward. The worst thing we can do is put more ugliness in the world. So put good in the world. Make a stand for what you believe in: educate others on gun violence, climate change, your religion, or whatever it is you feel passionate about. Regardless if you are for or against an issue, be proactive and voice how you feel. Contact your senators, advocate for mental health, and/or simply start a prayer group. Do what you can to make the world a little better. Spread the love.

Be good. Do good.

It all starts with you.

2 thoughts on “be good, do good

  1. Do good, even when no one is looking. Do what is right, morals and ethics are in short supply these days. Surround yourself with what is important to you, your most valuable possession is time. Make the most of it

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