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I’ve recently been enjoying this disconnect from my phone.

I think sometimes I can get so wrapped up in things that I don’t even realize how much time I’m wasting. I mean, I wonder how much time I’ve spent scrolling through all my feeds. It’s probably more than I’d like to admit. But lately, I have no interest in using it to kill time. I don’t pick up my phone and spend time mindlessly scrolling (aka bouncing back and forth from social medias as if something has changed in the last 10 minutes). I hardly even check my phone in general anymore. I’m usually chilling on Do Not Disturb mode and it’s oddly liberating.

This cold weather has me feeling some type of way: I wanna be outside. Then I wanna be inside covered with a million blankets. It makes me wanna hike. It makes me wanna write. I’ve been asking my parents a lot of questions. Tell me about your views on this. Tell me what your earliest memory is. Tell me everything. I’ve been so reflective and in sync with my emotions lately. I’ve been feeling so pensive. I’ve been so aware of how I’m feeling. I’ve been writing in my journal like crazy, just thoughts and other people’s words that really speak to me. And I love it.

Time stand still here.

I have this new feeling in me. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s that feeling when you’re done with a long day and you slip into your fave warm ups + socks, curl up in your fave spot, and read. It’s that feeling when you’re sipping hot chocolate around a bonfire on a chilly night while someone plays guitar. It’s that feeling of coming home after being gone for a long time. Like leaves falling on an autumn day. Like laying on a hammock, listening to the wind go through the trees. Like my fondest memories are alive and coursing through my veins. It’s that feeling of being content and warm.

I think it is important to detox yourself. To be content with being alone. To take a break from others and just be for a little bit. To re-connect with what’s truly important. To put down your phone every now and then and breathe. Don’t get me wrong, social media and our phones are great. They connect us. But it can be overwhelming sometimes, at least for me.

So get outside. Re-connect. Talk with your parents. Speak from your heart. And give yourself a break.

4 thoughts on “dis(connected)

  1. This is what you feel when you slow your life down, almost like listening to your own heart beat, and make things last longer. In our search for constant stimulation, for the next heightened event, we actually lose out in what is right in from of us and in us. Do our phones, watches and computers helps us or hinder our perception of the world? Breath and open your senses

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