life update + other thoughts

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI feel like all my recent blog posts have been starting out this way but… I really have been meaning to write. And well, the best way to get back into the swing of things is to just do it…right?

I also feel like I owe my like 2 loyal readers (hey, mom and dad!) a life update. Grad school is hard, but interesting. It’s super different from undergrad in a good way. Grades are important, but they are more focused with wanting you to learn. All my professors are therapists, so they are super chill and insightful. That’s actually my favorite part of it all. I feel like I am getting such incredible advice and new ways of looking at things. I am growing and learning and questioning everything. It’s not what I expected, but it’s better than I thought. Some things I’ve learned from grad school:

  • My friends here have started to say y’all and I’m not sorry about it.
  • Speaking of friends, I’ve made super good friends here from all over the country. I feel so happy to be surrounded by people who are so kind and want what’s best for others. They have shown me more compassion and care than some people I’ve known for years. Crazy how that works.
  • Grad school is teaching me so much about myself and how I relate to others.
  • I 10/10 recommend for anyone to go to school far away from home. It does wonders for your soul.
  • Be comfortable in the silence. Learn how to take care of yourself and manage stress.
  • No one actually does all the readings in grad school. Thank God.
  • This experience is giving me a taste of what it’s like to be a ~real~ adult. It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time.
  • I only have about 3 semesters left of school. Then I’m done. Forever. Where did all the time go?
  • In all my life, I’ve never felt more in touch or in sync with who I am. Is that what inner peace feels like?

Boston is cool. And by cool I mean it’s freezing. Although, I am surprised at how little snow there is. I have vivid memories of literally digging my car out of snow almost every other day until April when I lived in Cleveland. Here it has only snowed twice since I’ve been in town. Granted one of those days it was literally 3 degrees, but still. What I’ve learned so far about Boston:

  • Boston has wild turkeys running around.
  • The lobster bisque in a bread bowl down at Faneuil Hall – also known as heaven. I could eat that until I die.
  • Everything here is expensive. Like really. Even the lobster bisque bread bowls.
  • People don’t smile back at you when you smile at them as you walk by.
  • But I have also been shown tremendous kindness by some people here.
  • Boston fans LOVE their sports. Try being an Astros fan at a Red Sox game for the ALCS championship. I thought I was going to get jumped.
  • Tom Brady is God. Big Papi is second.
  • Boston is beautiful. I like being a part of a big city and getting caught up in the nonstop movement.
  • This experience feels like such a once in a lifetime kind of thing. I’m over the moon to be here.

And just some other thoughts:

  • I’ve been reading more poetry lately which always makes me super reflective. Probably will be writing more (hopefully).
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift you, not bring you down.
  • Happiness isn’t something that you reach overnight, it most definitely is something that needs to be worked on and worked towards.
  • If grad school has taught me anything, it’s that listening intently speaks way louder than anything else you have to say.
  • Being in love with someone who truly sees you and supports you makes up for all the times you were invisible and unsupported.
  • Life is as good as you make it to be.
  • And lastly, I’ll leave you with my favorite John Mayer tweet EVER (and yes I’ve used this before but I think it’s important):img_4023

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